Drums of the Month

December 2013
Innovation from the other side of the world

There are so many new ‘boutique’ drum manufacturers out there today; their proliferation is akin to the outcropping of wild mushrooms after a rainstorm. That said, few of them really stand out with what they’re offering that the major drum manufacturers such as Pearl, TAMA, Yamaha, DW, Gretsch, Mapex, and PDP aren’t already offering, by way of wood combinations, construction methods, attached hardware, and finishes.

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Still, every now and then a company comes along that seems to do things their own way, proving the old adage that ‘everything old is new again’. Sleishman Drums, of Sydney, Australia are proving that there are still innovations to be made in the art of drum manufacturing, elevating it to an art form.

The Sleishman Pro Series line of drums and hardware utilize the Sleishman patented free-floating tuning system, which enables drummers to ‘EQ’ their drums to work in any situation, room, or volume.

Their revolutionary patented suspension system brings drums to life, as it completely separates their drums from any other suspension system offered today by other drum manufacturers. For over 35 years, Sleishman has continued to refine their uniquely designed suspension system, which eliminates all bolted lug fittings from the shells, allowing the drum to work to its full potential while giving the drum maximum sustain, fullness of tone, and an unrivaled response at any volume.

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The Sleishman Pro Series drums are available in several beautiful custom finish options, including a very sexy matte black finish, a deep, dark walnut stain, the eye-catching cherry, forest green, and ocean blue fades, as well as a clean, natural gloss finish that emphasizes the beautiful grains in the maple woods these shells are constructed from.

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All rims, lugs, and leg hardware is available is Classic Chrome or the nostalgic Hammer Tone coat system finish options. Either look fits each shell finish brilliantly, so take your pick!

Innovative Hardware Design 

Sleishman Drums have created an interesting and innovative double-pedal system that I must confess has me intrigued by its design, and sheer originality. The Sleishman ‘Twin Pedal’ has an interesting single-board design that is centrally focused on the bass drum, rather than the typical attachment of the right pedal board to the bass drum rim, with the extension to the left by a universal joint and cam post system that is seen most elsewhere today.

sleishman-twin-pedalIt’s a design that must be seen in order to understand the truly innovative engineering that went into this new pedal system.

Sleishman is currently only available in the US through Mothertone USA in Nashville, TN. You can contact Mothertone USA at www.mothertone.com or by going to their Facebook page.

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