Emancipation Proclamation vs. slavery from Democrats

Reading_of_Emancipation_s640x427by Dennis Jamison

dennis-jamison-mug-640_s120x120SAN JOSE, CA  January 8, 2014 — Last October, during the year of the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, some influential representatives of the Democrat Party, especially Congressman Alan Grayson, got the not-so-bright idea to use imagery and poorly crafted logic to link the cross burning of the Ku Klux Klan to bigotry in the TEA Party. The attempt was seemingly designed to make a strong linkage between the two entirely different organizations. The efforts reflected a contorted or twisted understanding of history, and did more to discredit the intelligence of such Democrats than to inflict lasting damage to the TEA Party.

While the current Democrat Party does much to appear concerned about the welfare of the common American citizen, upon careful scrutiny, a serious observer can understand that the Party is primarily concerned with ensuring that it will maintain prolonged political power. Their proven way to ensure that is through the growth of Big Government accomplished by manipulating and managing public dependency upon Big Government. Because of the success of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal and the Democrat’s institutionalization of economic dependency via social welfare and public works projects during the Great Depression, a blueprint for future Party tyranny had been created.

Sadly, the current Democrat Party is not the same Party once led by men like F.D.R., Harry S. Truman, or John F. Kennedy. Today, the Party manipulates the memory of great Democrat presidents to shroud its present character and agenda.

However, two simple yet significant examples reveal how different the Party is today. The attitude that “the buck stops here,” which earned Truman tremendous respect for taking responsibility for his actions rather than shifting blame to others, has been reversed by a president who seems to elude responsibility for his inept actions. Another example is the concept which John Kennedy made famous: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but rather ask what you can do for you country.” Democrats now thrive on an opposite premise.

Contemporary Democrats have inverted Kennedy’s noble challenge to Americans by promising that the government will provide for all of the people’s needs, and have now become a driving force for the economic enslavement of future Americans. The newly initiated Affordable Care Act is one example. On the surface, Obamacare appears to represent a measure of salvation  for citizens without health insurance; but in reality, the law which took effect on January 1st, requires the threat of penalty for its implementation and execution. The legislation is being forced upon a majority of Americans who do not need or want all of the required insurance under the law, and it is proving to be the opposite of affordable to countless Americans to benefit a few.

By contrast, Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, which went into effect on January 1, 1863, was essentially an effort to ensure freedom from dependency and enslavement for an entire race of people who had not known true freedom. His executive order freeing the slaves in the rebellious states of the South that were actively fighting to withdraw from the Union was Lincoln’s effort to enforce the very cornerstone of the “Land of the Free.” In Lincoln’s view, the United States of America was either to be the “Land of the Free,” or it was not – there could be no pretense. Southern slave owners sought to continue to govern their states without federal infringement upon their sovereignty. This essentially translated into their “right” to own human beings.

Historically, the Democrat Party of old Andrew Jackson was a party that fit well in the Deep South. It was essentially the Party representing the status quo of the old colonial institutions formed under the tyranny of Great Britain – especially the most contentious institution of all, which was slavery. During the Civil War, leading slave owners came out of the closet, and they denounced the Founders who had based the bedrock of the nation upon the ideals of the Declaration of Independence. Leaders in the Confederacy denounced Thomas Jefferson and  the declaration that “all men are created equal.” On the contrary, Lincoln’s premise for the Emancipation Proclamation was rooted in the Declaration of Independence, as he faithfully believed that “all men were created equal.”

A superficial consideration of this incredibly divisive time in America may manifest a simple acknowledgement of Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation as a mandate creating a logical solution to the societal evils of slavery. But such a simplistic perception does not consider the fact that Lincoln was only able to implement his proclamation through the war powers vested in the president by the Constitution as the Commander in Chief of the U.S. military. Lincoln essentially respected the Constitution in light of the perilous period in which he served as president. The Emancipation Proclamation was an executive mandate, but it could only exist during the time the United States was engaged in armed conflict with the Confederate States.

Lincoln’s effort was deliberately measured and limited in many ways, and due to Lincoln’s concerns, he hesitated to overstep his authority by restraining federal dictates to be directed only toward the defiant states. Thus the Emancipation was never aimed at freeing all slaves all throughout America. This executive order could not fulfill this motive, and Lincoln respected  his limitations under the law of the land. However, through the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment, a stubborn old white president and a white Republican Congress drew the proverbial line in the sand and refused to allow the existence of slavery in the “Land of the Free.”

The rejection of tyranny was once the cornerstone of American freedom. Yet such a notion basically remained a nice idea that did not fit with the reality of the Old South. Apparently, it does not fit with the objectives of the soft tyranny being established by the contemporary Progressives and the Democrat Party which has morphed into a political elite akin to the Southern slave owners whose leaders seem intent on trying in almost every way possible to eliminate the fundamental core of freedoms left to Americans by the Founding Fathers.

Core Democrat leaders today seem determined to replace the sovereignty of the people with the enforced allegiance to and dependence upon Big Government.

Dependence upon Big Government, which includes economic dependency, is essentially a manifestation of economic and political enslavement. With two victorious elections of President Obama, the Democrat Party has definitely moved past the days in which many of their adherents were Klan members. However, the appearance of the Democrat Party fighting for justice and equality for all is an illusion. They are concentrating power in the hands of an elite political class to force all to obey Big Government. “Force” is the operant word here, and the newly instituted Obamacare demonstrates the power of force at the expense of freedom. The law mandates penalties for refusing to buy what one does not want or may not need.

While many state and federal statutes depend upon fear of a financial penalty to ensure public compliance to the law, under Obamacare Americans are forced to accept the coverage offered or be penalized – unless one receives a waiver granted by the government elite. Without official government stamps of approval, Obamacare legislation could be likened to paying the Mafia for “health insurance” in order to avoid the breakage of limbs, or worse. But to be fair, the Mafia made no pretenses of what they were about. The Democrat Party continues to portray itself as something it is not.

During the 2008 presidential election debates, Barack Obama led the American people to believe that his Party could get government spending under control and get the economy moving after the stock market crash in October of that year. Despite promises to fix the broken economy via reduction of federal spending, by January of 2009, Congressional Democrats had already prepared another excessive spending bill that added essentially $787 billion to the $400 billion that the Bush administration had saved, and had transferred to the incoming Obama administration from the $800 billion bailout bill. Once Obama took command, fair estimates reveal that the Obama administration has outspent the Bush administration by more than one trillion dollars each year.

A concerned observer should be able to ascertain that the current Democrat Party has now become the driving force for the current attempt at economic enslavement of American citizens. The incredible debt load may not affect American households as much in the present, but it effectively traps the younger generation and future Americans in a web of incredible long-term debt without their knowledge or understanding. The fallout due to the Democrat’s spending efforts may bind Americans to chains of economic burdens for many generations to come.  Such deep indebtedness in a very real sense is economic slavery.

The good news is that the 2014 elections are a great time for Americans to draw a line in the sand to proclaim their own emancipation – from the slavery of Big Government!

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