The post-Aussie gun grab crime stats are in: Ten years after, is it “Fair Dinkum?”


Bruce Tanis thumbnail imageby Bruce Tanis

I have been debating the issue of gun control rather heatedly over the past few days with a very influential, very wealthy and rather liberal friend in California, who supports gun confiscation as a solution to preventing violent deaths in America.

As support for his argument for gun control, he brought up Australian gun control measures, whereby the Australian government confiscated all their citizens’ guns just over ten years ago. According to my friend, that gun confiscation has “worked” and we should try it here. He even cited that the Aussie prime minister can now go jogging in public without his bodyguards.

Brilliant! But is it fair dinkum?

I decided to do some research and see for myself. The results are very interesting, to say the least.

It has now been just over 10 years since gun owners in Australia were forced by a new law to surrender 640,381 personal firearms to be destroyed by their own Government, a program which cost Australian taxpayers more than $500 million dollars and the surrender of all their guns.

The statistics for the years following the ban are now in and are as follows:

  • Accidental gun deaths are 300% higher than the pre-1997 ban rate.
  • The assault rate has increased 800% since 1991, and increased 200% since the 1997 gun ban.
  • Robbery and armed robbery have increased 20% from the pre-97 ban rate.
  • From immediately after the ban was instituted in 1997 through 2002, the robbery and armed robbery rate was up 200% over the pre-ban rates.
  • In the state of Victoria alone, homicides with firearms are now up 171 percent.
  • Reported sexual assaults have increased by 51 percent since 1995, at an average of four percent each year.

Let’s not forget about those little Sheilas now, mate. Crikey! They’re getting raped more often than ever now that the rapists know they’re unarmed.

It is true that after the Aussies banned guns in 1997, people murdered by guns decreased by 10%. That’s the statistic that the politicians who want to take our guns away keep citing and the one the media keeps repeating over and over.

But here’s what they don’t want anyone to know: at the same time that gun murders dropped by 10%, people murdered by knives increased by 10%. Well, at least they weren’t shot to death and thank goodness no criminals were hurt or killed in the commission of their murders. Awesome!

One thing is clear: While law-abiding citizens in Australia turned in their guns, the criminals did not, and criminals still possess their guns.

Looks to me like gun confiscation didn’t work at all, except to give leaders more power and control over the people.

All the statistical information above was taken directly from the Australian Institute of Criminology website below:

Australian Institute of Criminology

The lesson the Australians have learned is this: “Never let yourself think it can’t happen in America, because it can, and it is already happening. Never, never, ever give up your freedom, your right to defend yourself over government promises of safety, because they lie. Don’t trust your politicians – be on their backs, join the NRA, never give up your guns, or you’ll end up like us.”