I Love Rock ‘n Roll… Chester Simpson, Photographer

Here’s a wonderful article about a very talented friend of mine, Chester Simpson. I hope you’ll read it. Chester is one of the finest contemporary photographers in America today, and his work will be enjoyed by millions throughout the years, as timeless as it truly is. Today also happens to be Chester’s birthday.

Pop on over to his Facebook page and give your best birthday wishes to a truly gifted man.

Happy birthday, Chester!

If you’d like to take a good look at some of Chester’s photographic work, his website can be found HERE.

Old Town Crier

Debbie Harry Blondie, Photo Credit © Chester Simpson Debbie Harry Blondie, Photo Credit © Chester Simpson

Photography is one of those skill sets that every once in a while deliver great generic photographers, such as the great Lida Moser, who are able to just about point the camera at anything and seemingly make magic happen.

The magic that happens when a talented photographer can find a special niche is also quite warming to the solar plexus of the mind. The exhibition of great classic Rock and Roll photos at Jeffrey Winter Gallery (here in Old Town at 110 A South Columbus Street) has work by Chester Simpson, which is a perfect example of what I am talking about – the breathtaking magic that can be delivered by a photographer armed with a camera and facing the talent in front of his lenses.

Most musicians are by nature “posers.” I mean that in a positive sense, not in the…

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